Affinité e Integro firmam joint-venture

Londres, São Paulo.


A Affinité anuncia ao mercado brasileiro sua aliança com a Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd, uma das principais corretoras mundiais nos segmentos de esportes e entretenimento e parte integrante de grupo de empresas seguradoras e resseguradoras especializadas com mais de 150 anos de atividade.

A seguir, a íntegra do press-release divulgado pela Integro:


Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd., one of the world’s leading Entertainment and Sport Insurance brokers and risk management companies, announced its collaboration with Brazilian Entertainment Broker, Affinité.

With the support and backing of Integro, Affinité can strengthen its positon as the leading Live Music broker in South America and further develops their business into sports, theatres and other associated businesses which Integro is known for around the world. This allows Affinité to have greater access to the world renowned London insurance markets, and Integro to broaden their distribution to South America with this key partner. The business will trade as Affinité Integro.

Integro and Affinité work with the same ambitions of being able to provide products to the whole vertical in the Entertainment industry from young musicians and freelancers to the top grossing artists and tours as well Film and TV productions of all budgets.

As such Affinité and Integro are developing their online presence to expand our distribution capabilities and are both pleased to have such commonality as we embark on this joint venture.

Ricardo Minc says:

“We are proud to work closely with more than 200 specialists of Integro’s Entertainment & Sport Team Globally. In the short term, the joint venture between Affinité and Integro will enable us to grow our businesses across South America by continually improving the quality of our service, increasing our competitiveness and combining our global market strength and expertise. In the near future, we have a huge range of opportunities with new coverages and new markets. As pioneers and leaders in the Brazilian market for international live music events, major film productions and major art exhibitions, we believe that with the support and expertise of Integro, Sports Insurance will be our next area for significant expansion.”

Neil Clayton, Global Leader of Integro’s Entertainment & Sport practice comments:

“We are all excited about this opportunity, Integro has been working on options to expand into South America for some time and this agreement with Ricardo and the team at Affinite, gives us a great platform to work with Ricardo to expand our business activities across the whole of South America.”

About Integro

Integro is an insurance brokerage and risk management firm. Clients credit Integro’s superior technical abilities and creative, collaborative work style for securing superior program results and pricing. The firm’s acknowledged capabilities in brokerage, risk analytics and claims are rewriting industry standards for service and quality. Launched in 2005, Integro and its family of specialty insurance and reinsurance companies, some having served clients for more than 150 years, operate from offices in the United Kingdom, Republic Of Ireland, Australia, Belgium and Bermuda, with a network of . Its UK headquarters is located at Beaufort House, 9th Floor, 15 St Botolph Street, London. EC3A 7EE

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